The BlueRidge Armor VENGEANCE™ Series hard armor shield has been designed from the ground up with direct input from federal law enforcement agents. Two features include the patent pending VENGEANCE™ Viewport and Elzetta Tridextrous™ Handle system.The exclusive VENGEANCE™ Viewport maintains a wide field of view when compared to standard rectangular viewports while enhancing lower peripheral vision giving a clear forward view of obstacles and trip hazards.

The patent pending Elzetta Shield Light with Tridextrous™ Controls is the only fully integrated system designed with three distinct grip surfaces and light activation at each position for intuitive operation. The BlueRidge Armor WMX1 is a weapon mount upper shield platform designed for maximum coverage with a tapered lower that improves mobility in narrow passageways . Never has so much advanced technology been incorporated into a single hard armor shield.

Comparison of Elzetta Shield Light to Brand-X Shield Light

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